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Everyday Products Corporation is always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our team.

Current Openings:

Work in Fashion! Work SMART!

4 things you can enjoy with us

  • Have a job that you would like
  • Find an opportunity to grow
  • Work with great people
  • Travel the Philippines

Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • Candidate must possess at least a four (4) year degree in any business related course.
  • At least two (2) years of experience in Retail Store Management.
  • Knowledgeable in strategic development, implementation and monitoring of sales, collection and profitability performance, business channels, customer relationship, marketing opportunities and other competitive areas that can affect business performance and sales growth is highly preferred.
  • Must be customer-oriented, highly organized and detail-oriented, analytical and dynamic.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong professional maturity and integrity
  • Leadership ability and drive to achieve business goals and objectives.
  • Must be computer literate.
  • Must be willing to travel

What could be your roles?

  • Enhance existing business operations by managing assigned store branches.
  • Create opportunities with the company and it’s partner stores by developing marketing opportunities in the forefront.
  • Formulate SMART strategies that could improve overall store operational efficiency, strategic retail geographical locations, sales growth, store inventory management, store development, merchandise standards and customer satisfaction.
  • Promote the company’s brands in all sales and operations endeavors.
  • Manage, support and develop a staff that could be an advantage to the company.
  • Address customer and staff satisfaction issue promptly.
  • Stay abreast of competing markets and provide reports on market movement and penetration.
  • Work with an awesome team that could help you realize your true potential.

 Join us!

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Minimum Qualifications and Experience

         *Graduate of any Business course preferably Marketing and Merchandising

         *Must be computer literate

         *Knowledge in SAP is an advantage

         *With at least 2 years experience in related to Merchandising

         *Can work under pressure

         *Can work for extended hours

         *Has right attitude towards work, proactive, innovative, dependable and result-oriented

         *Strong analytical and planning skills

         *Good communication skills

         *Excellent problem-solving skills

         *Willing to work in Paranaque City

Job Description

Operations Tasks

          *Regular Repeat Order Preparation of Transfers.

          *Minimum Order QTY downloading / Transfer report generated to assess stocks below minimum quantity standard.

          *Box checking of the items transferred from WH2 to Office / Must check the boxes in actual to ensure boxes prepared by warehouse staff are balance                  base on what was requested.

          *WORKSHEET ALLOCATION Preparation of Transfers.

          *Damage Report  (Must be inputted on a weekly basis  / Must be turnover and monitored with warehouse personnel regularly). Must prepare a damage              report file to be signed by AVP of Sales and Merchandising for approval.

          *Bodega Sale (Re-pricing,  Box Labeling, Filling)

          *Bodega Sale Process / Memo / Flowchart.

          *Concessionaire Samples preparation : Photo shoot, Requests.

          *Preparation of Samples.

          *Final sampling confirmation with actual checking.

          *Sampling pick-up and returning to inventory.

          *Sampling labeling / Sample Tags.

          *Preparation of Newly released items memo.

          *Preparation of Sale items memo.

          *Preparation of Price Update Memo.

          *Preparation of Display implementation memo.

          *Preparation of Display implementation memo.

          *Request New Sku, Price Update, CSS and other Delivery Documents.

          *Minimum Order Qty level inputting in our EPC PROGRAM, to be use in the Minimum Order Qty Transfers.

          *Annual inventory count management.

          *Inventory adjustments.

          *Inventory adjustment related to Regular Transfer Transactions.

          *Printing of price tag under marketing promotion (markdown selling price).                            

Importation Tasks

          *Assigning item number or stock code on new order, shipment requirements.

          *Creation of importation bar code and price guide.

          *SKU Request on New Items, Markdown and Mark Up selling retail price (RDS Store Chain).

          *Ensuring all shipment samples are complete base on shipment checklist. (in coordination with Designer / Merchandising Coordinator).

          *Product Photo shoot, Renaming of Photos and Organizing on each category folder.

          Special, Essential, Discontinued Items Updating.

          *Receiving Documents for Containers : RR Receiving Report Documents.

          *Input order details for SKU monitoring on all store chains.

          *Assigning and Enrollment of System Code for Salesman Sample.

          *Receiving Documents for Salesman Sample : RR Receiving Report Documents.

          *Product Photo shoot, Renaming of Photos and Organizing on each category folder.

          *Printing of Salesman Bar code, to be attached on actual items.

 Join us!

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